NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3, The proposal provides Vila Health with a thorough multidisciplinary approach to address issues by integrating medical services across disciplines. By minimizing medication and transfer interruptions, lowering the level of stress and pressure for nursing employees, and promoting a climate of transparency inside the organization, the approach seeks to improve patient care results. 

The evidence-based strategy, which is being used in many divisions, is in line with Kurt Lewin’s change model and the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) Framework. It also makes use of methodologies that have been supported by literature. Increased worker satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, and comprehensive healthcare performance are the intended results at Vila Health.

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

With focused training programs and seminars founded on current research, the strategy gives special attention to assisting nursing personnel to improve cross-disciplinary collaboration and reduce anxiety. The success of the multidisciplinary partnership will be evaluated by the implementation of periodic inspections and evaluation processes (Dyann Matson-Koffman et al., 2023). The use of literature-based techniques in coaching for leadership is expected to enhance cooperation among medical professionals. NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3, Examining technological options backed by scholarly research will improve collaboration between departments.

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3: Objective

Vila Health is committed to improving patient care by addressing department collaboration difficulties with an interdisciplinary, evidence-based strategy. The key goals are simplifying patient care and cutting down on medication and post-treatment delays. The goal is to reduce nursing staff psychological strain and increase work satisfaction and turnover.

Questions and Predictions

In what particular ways does the strategy lessen the length of time associated with care and discharge?

  • Improved multidisciplinary teamwork is expected to lead to fewer care and discharge interruptions. Placing a strong emphasis on open discussion and collaboration aims to improve patient happiness and general outcomes.

Will more multidisciplinary cooperation and an increasingly favorable organizational culture lead to higher levels of satisfaction across personnel in different divisions?

  • An increased positive organizational environment and more multidisciplinary cooperation are expected to increase worker fulfillment among staff members in different departments.

NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3: Evaluation Criteria

The strategy-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Framework will assess the strategy’s effectiveness; modifications are made based on patient results. Vila Health will utilize qualitative evaluations of the collaborative spirit and interaction of the healthcare team along with statistical indicators like therapy for patients and release timelines to judge effectiveness (Uhde et al., 2020). The multidisciplinary strategy’s durability and efficacy are guaranteed by the thorough assessment process, which includes regular evaluations, feedback cycles, and literature-based modifications.

Change Theories and Leadership Strategies

With an emphasis on enhancing the quality of care for patients at Vila Health, the suggested multidisciplinary strategy is driven by Kurt Lewin’s Change Model. It proceeds via the unfreezing, freezing, and refreezing phases. Training in teams initially promotes cooperative collaboration, which is consistent with Lewin’s unfreezing theory. The introduction of standardized processes encourages organizations to review routines to improve interaction. 

As we go into the establishing phase, leadership growth programs assist in influencing company culture via regular audits and feedback systems that allow for real-time modifications. The partnership is further encouraged by adopting innovation (Jami Pour & Hosseinzadeh, 2020). NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3, Refreezing shortens therapy for patients’ periods by using both quantitative and qualitative evaluations. According to Lewin’s focus, periodic assessment and input loops stabilize progress and guarantee the strategy’s sustainability over time, which eventually improves organizational collaboration and communication at Vila Health.

Vila Health implements a multidisciplinary approach using transformational leadership, encouraging groups to collaborate and develop new ideas. By streamlining collaboration and raising happiness, the transformational leader hopes to improve patient healthcare. Using literature-based strategies, the team manager cultivates an environment of ongoing learning inside the multidisciplinary group, stimulating innovative thinking and creativity. Acknowledging particular capabilities, the department leader offers customized assistance to help departments address specific obstacles related to cooperation (Salmon, 2022). Through active engagement in interconnected education, the leader cultivates trust and cooperation by serving as an example of collaboration. Clear objectives, roles, and outcomes are ensured by efficient communication, which also maintains openness via consistent channels. Research-based change management at Vila Health fosters transdisciplinary success by improving cooperation and efficiency in working environments.

Real-World Example

A healthcare institution like Vila Health effectively used this strategy. They were putting in place technologically aligned Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems that provide easy department-to-department contact and data exchange. How leaders framed the EHR adoption as a group endeavor to improve patient care and optimize processes was crucial. In a study conducted by Aslam et al. (2023), staff buy-in and continuous optimization were guaranteed by holding frequent sessions for instruction and feedback mechanisms.

Team Collaboration Strategy

The plan takes an extensive strategy, defining each team member’s duties using a “who, what, where, and when” structure. During biweekly seminars and modeling, the instructional manager oversees multidisciplinary team instruction with an emphasis on specific Vila Health departments. The specialist wants to standardize methods across Vila Health departments and implement evidence-based interaction and collaborative guidelines for quality enhancement in the initial quarter. The organizational improvement committee prioritizes multidisciplinary interaction by supervising biweekly feedback meetings and ongoing audits. 

Every month at Vila Health Centres, tested techniques are incorporated into training and assistance for leaders under the direction of an executive development specialist. In the first phase of the plan, the Information Technology (IT) execution team oversees technology utilization, which aims to increase collaboration by connecting every division with EHR. NURS FPX 4010 Assessment 3 Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal, Cross-departmental teams increase efficiency by including patients in the plan and convening regularly to promote open discourse and cooperative problem-solving (D. Subramonian et al., 2024). 

To enhance the quality of patient care at Vila Health, the strategy places a high priority on teamwork and interaction. This is accomplished by carefully allocating responsibilities and emphasizing collaboration between departments.

Real World Example

A large health organization has effectively utilized a similar approach to multidisciplinary cooperation throughout its extensive network of institutions. Within two years, the procedure decreased patient duration of care by more than 20% by using lean management methods and emphasizing enhancements to the process (Tsai et al., 2021). With the help of strong executive leadership support for the organizational culture shift, they were able to accomplish this via intensive communication and coordination among the care providers. This actual scenario illustrates how multidisciplinary cooperation may lead to quantifiable improvements in the treatment of patients that are in line with Vila Health’s suggested strategy of action.

Required Organizational Resources

Vila Health is looking for essential professionals to support multidisciplinary cooperation. These individuals include a full-time multidisciplinary team facilitator, two part-time education organizers, inspectors for two part-time jobs, and an ongoing IT implementation specialist. The project’s necessary supplies include $5,000 for interdisciplinary education resources, $3,000 for tools for developing standardized protocols, $50,000 for computer equipment and software, and $10,000 for developing managers (Papaevangelou et al., 2023). 

Affordable educational institutions are among our current resources, but the technological infrastructure still has to be improved. The following are the present asset-related costs: $1,000 for training space maintenance and services, $2,000 for the evaluation and modification of instructional materials, and $20,000 for computer systems. To foster cooperation, we suggest allocating $5,000 for patient data access in coordination with the computer lab and an extra $10,000 for team communication via technologies (Żur & Friedl, 2021). 

If these adjustments are not made, there may be inefficiencies in patient care, increased stress levels among nurses, underuse of available resources, lost chances for improvement in quality, inefficient management and society, and technology setbacks. If we do not take immediate action to solve these collaborative difficulties, Vila Health will suffer administrative and economic consequences. The suggested spending plan is intended to improve organizational efficacy, employee satisfaction, and treatment of patients.

Real-World Example

The financial plan for Vila Health tackles urgent issues with practical consequences. According to research by Yates (2020), patient holdups may result in more satisfaction and more significant expenditures when there is a full-time multidisciplinary moderator. 

A shortage of training positions makes physicians more stressed and causes more turnover, and not having an information technology specialist prevents resources from being used to their full potential. The budget places a strong emphasis on technological upgrades and training resources to make sure to take advantage of chances for progress.


The multidisciplinary strategy of Vila Health seeks to improve patient care by resolving issues with collaboration, anticipating fewer delays, and reducing the strain on nursing personnel. It is based on Kurt Lewin’s Change Model and research and adopts the ideas of transformational leadership. There is a “who, what, where, and when” method to assigning obligations. 

Cross-departmental cooperation workgroups are emphasized. Inaction might have adverse effects on operations, inadequate utilization of resources, worker tension, and patient waits. Vila Health’s treatment of patients, staff retention, and organisational effectiveness are all intended to be improved by the established budget.



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